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I’m not much of a reader, but I read Tony’s book twice. I read it once, then immediately read it again. I couldn’t put it down. I had similar things happen in my life — drugs, an absent father — and I related to many of the stories and saw some parallels with my own life. It’s amazing to see God’s grace in my life, and it was amazing to see how it showed in Tony’s life. I think everyone should read it. – Brian Hogan, Deacon, Rushing Wind Ministries/Bikers for Christ

SIDETRACKED is an incredible story about how God powerfully touched and redeemed one man’s fractured life. It affirms that God never gives up on us and can even use our mistakes for His purposes and, ultimately, His glory. – Mike Reed, Senior Pastor, Calvary Chapel, Oceanside, CA

Having lived in Wallingford at the time in the beginning of this book, I felt like I was transported back in time. It brought back memories of people and events that I had not thought of in years. The emotions it brought up were very difficult to handle, but made me realize how fortunate I was to have made the choices that I did and survived. I had always admired Tony and Mary Ann for returning to high school when they did. Trust me, in that town it took guts! The rest of the book filled in the blanks of Tony and Mary Ann’s life adventure. My admiration for them has only grown. This is a story of lives lost, squandered and wasted. A story of Redemption found, lost and found again., A story of love, loss, courage, forgiveness, unbearable pain and, most important, faith. – Peggy, Amazon, Verified Purchaser

I went to school with Tony and his wife Maryann. Though I’ve just started reading the book, I know most of his story and it’s [a] truly amazing and miraculous one. This is not just for those of us who are local and knew him ‘when’. It’s for anyone who has lost hope, needs hope or wants to share hope with others. From the abyss of darkness and sometimes horror this is a story of true redemption. We may all have our demons, but we don’t have to let them have us. THERE IS A WAY OUT. I’d recommend this book to anyone who’s still dealing with their past baggage, to those who believe they are a product of their past, to those who feel they are not redeemable, and to those who want to pass the hope along. – MarionZambory, Amazon Verified Purchaser

I was so blessed by this book. Thank you Tony for your openness to share your life. Some areas I could relate to from my own life and had to take time to process the emotions that came upon me. This is where I say But God……. Only He can deliver us, love us unconditionally and forgive us, and redeem us. I was able to give this book to a relative to read so to not give up on her grandson and to a mother who herself lost her son to a drug overdose. It truly will give you hope for your prodigals and for the power of prayer. J L N, Amazon

This story helped me to understand the depths & lengths that God will go to rescue His children. My faith was strengthened and my prayers for my lost loved ones was reignited. Tim Yzaquirre – Kindle Edition, Amazon

This book is an amazing story of how God loves us no matter what we have done. Total grace from our LORD!!!! Thanks Tony for sharing so much!!!!! Brett Fremmerlid – Kindle Edition, Amazon

A great book a must read for everyone. Lance Coots, Amazon